Plumbing Services

Easily find a condo/home plumbing services within Metro Manila.
This task includes professional services and plumbing tools only; components and materials for cleaning the workspace should be provided by the home owner.

Type of Service
Type of Repair
No. of unit/s
Select a City
Desired Date
Desired Time

Scope of the Service

Here are the details of the service, please make sure to read the following before booking a service.


The price on the search result is fixed and has no time limit.


1. Basic Tools and Equipments.
2. Installation.
3. Other consumables.
4. Unmounting and Mounting.
5. Cleaning of workspace.

Not Included

1. Junction tubes.
2. Pipes and Tubes.
3. Replacement materials.
4. Transportation to Hardware Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a time limit?

No time limit, but the work to be performed should be within the scope of the service.

How much do I pay?

The reflected amount on your booking summary is a fixed price for the service.
However, additional budget should be prepared for replacement materials, pipes and transportation to the hardware store.

Should I pay if the job cannot be performed?

Due to uncontrolled limitations for installation and repair works the user is not required to pay for the booked service.

Can I trust the Helplys?

Yes! All Helplys are validated and background checked.

How can I contact the Helply?

We will be sending you the contact details of the Helply 36 hours before the transaction.

However I want to cancel?

Cancellations are unavoidable and are allowed within specified time frames. However, corresponding fees are being charged to customers to compensate the resources allocated and to cover the income opportunity cost to our Helplys. Cancellation fees shall be charged as detailed below:
    1. Over 36 hours before booking - no cancellation fee.
    2. 24 - 36 hours before booking - 20% of the booking price.
    3. 23 hours or less before booking - 30% of the booking price.
    4. No cancellation notice (Helply is onsite) - 50% of the booking price.

I have more questions

Please contact us through our Facebook Page, hello@helply.ph email or chat with us.